What is Refinancing Loan?


What is Refinancing Loan?


Refinancing a mortgage would greatly help those who need extra cash and they can leverage the money for house renovation, businesses expansion, kids education and/or act as an emergency fun for their family.

Furthermore, Refinancing also allows you to benefit form the current low-interest-rate by reducing the monthly installments.  In long run, Refinancing would help you to save a lot of interest charge and more flexibility for you own cash flow.


High Interest Rate / High Commitment
Huge burden for repayment of loan or paying too much on interest due to the interest rate of your current personal loan and credit card debts is too high.

Need Cash Out
Need high cash flow for business; Want to cash out for repaying existing loan or for other purposes like house renovation, personal use & etc.

Refinance Application Rejected
Good credit history but loan application was REJECTED by bank due to monthly total repayments amount for existing loan is exceeding 60% of your salary.



With our debt management advisory services can assist you to reduce your monthly commitment, save interest charges, settle your bank existing debts and create your positive cash flow.   

A mortgage loans are designed for home buyers with insufficient cash on hand to purchase the assets.  They are also used as collateral to borrow cash from a Bank for other purposes that use the home as collateral.  Individuals and businesses can use the loan to purchase more properties without paying the entire purchase price in full.

There are several types of mortgage loans, and buyers should understood which is best for them.   Are you comparing different Banks to apply for Re-Finance Loan?  Which Bank offers the best package with the lowest interest rate for cash out and home loan re-finance?  Save your time to search for those this information and let us suggest a package that fits you the best and advise on re-finance loan’s interest to shorten your loan period.




When is a good time to refinance?
Usually, if you have owned the property for at least 3 to 5 years.

How long does it usually takes to get cash out portion after signing the Bank’s Letter of Offer?
Usually, it will take 3 to 6 months depending on the type of your property.

What are the cost involved?
Usually, the cost are included valuation fees, stamping fees and legal fees and there are some financial institutions that absorbs all those cost if you fit their requirements.



We will plan and propose the best debt consolidation plan based on our clients’ needs/situation to reduce the monthly repayment with a better loan tenure and interest rate.


If you are having one of them above, you can leave us a Message OR  for more information.


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