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Mortgage Takaful – Pilihan untuk MRTT -vs MLTT!

  Membeli rumah adalah satu komitmen yang besar dan sekiranya membeli melalui pinjaman bank, secara puratanya pembayaran pinjaman akan dilakukan dalam tempoh 30 tahun atau maximun 35 tahun.  Kini sudah menjadi kewajipan kepada setiap pembeli rumah yang membeli rumah secara Pinjaman atau Pembiayaan Bank untuk mengambil satu polisi takaful tambahan perlindungan sama ada MRTT, MLTT, […]

Mortgage Takaful/Insurance – How They Impact Property Purchase

Takaful/Insurans Gadai Janji – Bagaimana Mereka Mempengaruhi Pembelian Harta Tanah   The purchase of a home is funded through borrowings form financial institutions, depending on a person’s financial capability and thereafter monthly repayments for such loans will be made by the borrower to the financial institutions.  The question we now ask is what happen to […]

The Unique of Takaful

  Common misconceptions about Takaful    What is the unique of Takaful Takaful is open to everyone, and one does not have to be Muslim to take on Takaful coverage or to be a Takaful agent.  Lack of awareness may be the reason behind why people think Takaful is only meant for Muslims when in […]

Adakah Anda Dilindungi? Are you Covered?

  We take care of our ourselves and our family. We even insure them because we don’t want anything to happen to them. So why is it that most people fail to apply that same level of care and concern towards themselves? Towards their loved ones? Of course, we don’t expect bad things to happen […]

Apa Yang Anda Perlu Tahu – Takaful Empunya Rumah/Isi Rumah?

  Takaful Kediaman atau Takaful Empunya Rumah/Isi Rumah merupakan salah satu polisi insurans terpenting yang anda sepatutnya miliki.  Rumah anda merupakan salah satu pelaburan terbesar anda jadi adalah sangat penting untuk anda melindungi rumah anda.   Terdapat 3 jenis polisi utama yang boleh melindungi rumah anda:   Polisi Kebakaran Asas Polisi ini memberi perlindungan terhadap […]

Do I Need To Own A Medical Insurance Since I have It From My Employer?

  This topic always came out from my clients/customers mouth when we are talk about this Medical Insurance Coverage.  Although this Medical Insurance Coverage is very important to every one of us but not everyone think to own it.  Some said no need to buy or own it as they have provided/covered by their employer […]

What difference between “Takaful -vs- Conventional Insurance?”

  What Is Takaful?  And What Makes The Difference -vs- Conventional Insurance?   This make people always wondered what is the difference between Takaful and Life Insurance? Takaful is an insurance concept which is grounded in Islamic Muamalat, observing the rules and regulations of Shariah.  In principle, Takaful system is based on mutual co-operation, responsibility, […]