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Mortgage Takaful/Insurance – How They Impact Property Purchase

Takaful/Insurans Gadai Janji – Bagaimana Mereka Mempengaruhi Pembelian Harta Tanah   The purchase of a home is funded through borrowings form financial institutions, depending on a person’s financial capability and thereafter monthly repayments for such loans will be made by the borrower to the financial institutions.  The question we now ask is what happen to […]

What difference between “Takaful -vs- Conventional Insurance?”

  What Is Takaful?  And What Makes The Difference -vs- Conventional Insurance?   This make people always wondered what is the difference between Takaful and Life Insurance? Takaful is an insurance concept which is grounded in Islamic Muamalat, observing the rules and regulations of Shariah.  In principle, Takaful system is based on mutual co-operation, responsibility, […]