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Apa itu Skim Pelaburan Ahli KWSP? What is EPF Member Investment Scheme?

  Anda di luar sana mungkin pernah dengar Skim Pelaburan Ahli (SPA) KWSP tetapi andakah anda faham tentang skim ini?   Skim Pelaburan Ahli (SPA) KWSP adalah satu skim yang membenarkan pencarum/ahli KWSP yang memiliki simpanan secukupnya untuk melakukan pindahan ke Institusi Pengurusan Dana (IPD) yang telah dilantik, contohnya PMB Investment Berhad dan lain-lain IPD. […]

What is Family Takaful? Apa itu Family Takaful?

Family takaful provides you with both a protection policy and long-term savings for your peace of mind.  You or your beneficiary will be provided with financial benefits if you suffer a tragedy.  At the same time, you will enjoy an investment return because part of your contribution will be deposited in an account for the […]

6 Important Factors To Consider Before Investing In Unit Trust

  If you are a newbie in the world of investment, your first thought would likely be either of the two outcomes – lucrative profit or extreme loss. While it’s true that all investments come with a risk, there are steps you can take to minimise the chances of loss in your investments. Your risk appetite […]