Fund Category:


Investment Objective:
The Fund is to provide investors with an opportunity to gain steady income and to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term period by investing in a portfolio of investments that comply with Shariah Principles.


Investment Strategy:
The Fund shall invest primarily in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant equities and Shariah-compliant equity-related securities listed on any recognized stock exchange in Malaysia and the focus is on Shariah-compliant public-listed companies with growth prospects and/or having forecast dividend yield of 3.0% per annum of above.


Investor Profile:
For the employees and pensioners of Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), members of Board of Directors of TNB, the clubs and associations related to TNB and subsidiaries of TNB.  The Fund is suitable for investors who have a moderate to high risk tolerance level, medium to long term investment horizon and seeking income and capital growth forma  Shariah-compliant fund, preferably that conforms to Shariah Principles.


The performance benchmark of the Fund is 13.0% growth (3 years Fund Volatility) as per Lipper Analysis 10.01.2020.