Fund Category:
Equity (Shariah)/Growth


Investment Objective:
The Fund is to provide opportunities for investors to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term period through investment in any of the 50 largest Shariah-compliant stocks by market capitalization (at the time of purchase) listed on the Bursa Malaysia.


Investment Strategy:
The Fund shall invest in a diversified portfolio of Shariah-compliant equities and Shariah-compliant equity-related securities listed on any recognized stock exchange in Malaysia, primarily among any of the 50 largest Shariah-compliant stocks in terms of market capitalization (at the point of purchase) listed on Bursa Malaysia.  It may invest not more than 30% of its NAV in any of the next top 25 largest Shariah-compliant listed companies based on market capitalization listed on Bursa Malaysia.


Investor Profile:
The Fund is suitable for investors who have a moderate risk tolerance level, medium to long term investment horizon and seeking capital growth from Shariah-compliant fund that invests in large capitalized stocks that conforms to Shariah Principles.


The performance benchmark of the Fund is 7.5% [moderate] growth (3 years Fund Volatility) as per Lipper Analysis 10.01.2020.