Fund Category:
Income/Money Market


Investment Objective:
The Fund is to provide investors with high degree of liquidity while maintaining capital stability through investment primarily in Islamic money market instruments and sukuk.


Investment Strategy:
The Fund is essentially managed to provide liquidity to meet the near and short term cash flow requirements of its Unit Holders while providing returns.  Its Shariah-compliant investments are largely confined to Islamic money market instruments, Islamic deposit placements and sukuk issued in Malaysia that mature within 365 days.  Nevertheless, the Fund can invest up to 10% of its NAV in Islamic money market instruments, Islamic deposit instrument, Islamic deposit placements or sukuk with maturity period exceeding 365 days but not longer than 732 days. 


Investor Profile:
The Fund is suitable for investors who have a very low risk tolerance level, short, medium or long term investment horizon an seeking regular and stable income through low level of return from an alternative to Islamic deposit placements with tax incentives and Islamic deposit placement that does not requirement determination of tenure on placements.


The performance benchmark of the Fund is 0.1% growth (3 year Fund Volatility) as per Lipper Analysis 10.01.2020.