What is Mortgage Loan?

Most of the people obtain a housing loan from a banking institution in Malaysia.  There are many types of housing loan providing by banking institution such as term loan, flexi loan, overdraft and many more.  Based on your current financial status, you might to check it which provide you the best solution.  Hence, you need to make sure you have all the bank requirement for your housing loan application.

Purchasing a house can be considered as a form of investment and/or the the need of people to own a house.  You need to know whether you can afford based on your current income and savings as it is plays a role during your loan application.  The bank will make an assessment on your debt service ratio (DSR) as per your current financial status to see whether you can make the repayment on your housing loan or not.

Save your time to handle the entire Bank loan application from beginning until to end !

We will survey for mortgage deals based on clients’ eligibility and advise for the best mortgage deals in terms of interest and repayment. We help our clients to submit the mortgage loan & refinance mortgage loan application and and follow up the status until disbursement of loan.   We advise for a suitable loan package based on your needs.

Normally it will take 4 working days upon complete documentation requested.

We are great network of bankers with the latest information to advice you which bank is offering the lowest interest rate, or which kind of mortgage product that suits you best.

With our services, we will guide you through and have always be at your service.