About PMB Investment Berhad


PMB Investment Berhad (256439-D) is an Islamic Fund Management Company (IFMC).  It offers unit trust and fund management services.  It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pelaburan MARA Berhad, one of the pioneers in the unit industry in Malaysia with more than five decades of experience.

The company assumed its current name on 28 February 2014 following a rebranding exercise of the group.  This is to reflect the name change of the parent company from Amanah Saham MARA Berhad to its present name.

In line with one of the initiatives of the group’s Transformation Plan 2011-2015 to make the group strong, sophisticated and competitive, all unit trust funds and corporate / institutional portfolios are now Shariah compliant.  The last two unit trust funds were officially made Shariah- compliant on 7 March 2014.   PMB Investment Berhad received approval from the Securities Commission Malaysia to change our regulated activity from fund management to Islamic fund management with effect from 28 November 2014.

It’s offer discretionary portfolio mandates for investments in Shariah-compliant equity, sukuk and Islamic money market instruments, or a combination of the any of the three asset classes as required by clients.

As a result of making conventional unit trust funds Shariah compliant, most of the unit trust funds we offer are unique although they may invest in the same asset class.  This is to enable investors, subject to the Suitability Assessment, choose funds that suit their risk tolerance level and investment objective.  Please read and understand the contents of the Master Prospectus.

The history of PMB Investment can be traced way back to 24 June 1967 when the then Amanah Saham MARA, now Pelaburan MARA, was established and subsequently launched its first unit trust fund in the following year on 6 April – the fund was named Kumpulan Modal Bumiputera Pertama and is now known as PMB Dana Al-Aiman.

PMB Investment was incorporated on 15 January 1993 as ASM MARA Unit Trust Management Berhad. It assumed the unit trust operations from the then Amanah Saham MARA and its related staff.  This was done following the requirement that unit trust funds are to be managed by a unit trust management company.

ASM MARA Unit Trust then changed its name to ASM Investment Services on 9 October 2006 and took over the fund management operations of ASM Asset Management Sdn Bhd.  This is to streamline the unit trusts and portfolio management activities of the group.  ASM Asset Management was incorporated on 16 December 1996 and was then another wholly-owned subsidiary of the then Amanah Saham MARA.

PMB Investment Berhad is licensed under the Capital Markets and Services Act, 2007.  The company has an authorised capital of RM10 million, of which RM9 million has been fully paid. As at 31 December 2018, we managed 15 unit trust with the total fund size under management for unit trust funds, wholesale funds and portfolio mandates was RM1.09 billion as at 31 December 2018.




1. The Funds

Unit Trust Funds Equity

PMB Shariah Aggressive Fund
PMB Shariah Growth Fund
PMB Shariah Small-Cap Fund
PMB Shariah Mid-Cap Fund
PMB Shariah Index Fund
PMB Shariah Premier Fund
PMB Shariah Dividend Fund
PMB Shariah TNB Employees Fund (Only for directors, employees and retirees of TNB and bodies related to TNB)
PMB Dana Al-Aiman
PMB Dana Mutiara
PMB Dana Bestari
■ PMB Shariah Asean Star Equity Fund

Unit Trust Fund – Mixed Asset
■ PMB Shariah Tactical Fund

Unit Trust Fund – Sukuk
■ PMB Sukuk Fund (formerly PMB Shariah Balanced Fund)

Unit Trust – Money Market
■ PMB Shariah Cash Management Fund



2. Getting Started 

About buying and selling unit trust

Transactions can be paid for via these methods:-

* Internet Banking
  PMB Investment Berhad’s selected Banks (for Cash investment only)

  All purchase orders with payment through EPF Account 1 will only be processed after PMB receives the following documents:

■ KWSP 9N (AHL) form
■ PMB Account Opening and Subscription Form
■ A copy of IC (both front and back) on a piece of A4 paper [must be original IC size] 

For payment made with EPF savings through EPF Account 1, the redemption proceeds will be credit back into your EPF Account 1 within 10 business days by the fund house.

For cash investments, you can choose to receive your redemption proceeds either by:

■ Cheque by mail
■ GIRO Transfer

Most unit trust funds require a minimum initial investment of RM1,000 only.  And the subsequent minimum investment amount is RM100.



3. Fees & Charges

There will be 2 charges to be incurred:

Sales charge: 3% for all funds (EPF Investment Only)
Sales charge: 6% for all funds (Cash Investment Only) 



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